Inder Kumar’s wife defends husband, claims he is innocent

Inder Kumar’s wife Pallavi Kumar Saraf spoke exclusively to Times of India and says her husband is innocent and has been framed. She also claims the girl who accused Inder of raping and physically assaulting her was actually staying with her husband for few days at their residence.

"I would like to say that my husband is innocent and the allegations put on my husband are false. The girl who is claiming that Inder has raped her was willingly staying with my husband from 21st to 24th April 2014 in his house. I am really sorry to say but I am getting no help from police officials," said Pallavi.

When asked to describe what actually happened, Pallavi says, "The girl first met Inder at Gold's Gym, Heera Panna and introduced herself as an actress and also told him that she has bagged a film opposite Ali Zafar which will go on floors from May 2014. She requested Inder to train her as she will not be able to afford the membership of Gold Gym for another month. Inder first refused but after constant persuasion, told her that he will get back to her after discussing this with his wife. Inder came home and forgot about it but one day he suddenly realised about it and discussed with me about this girl from Chandigarh. I allowed Inder to train her at our place but little did I know what was going to happen next. After few days the girl came home and started throwing tantrums that she won't be able to start the gym regime from the first day as she's not keeping well. Inder then prepared a diet chart for her and she had a problem with that also."

Pallavi further adds, "Couple of days later, the girl started hounding us with Whatsapp messages. One day she sent a message and few pictures to Inder at 1:30 in the mid-night saying she loves him and can't live without him. She also sent some pictures in which she had slit her wrist. Looking at those pictures, Inder and I got really scared. Inder immediately called her up and tried to make her understand that he's a married man and a father and she should not do such things as life is very precious. But she didn't stop so I had to block both her numbers on Inder's phone. And when we saw the phone in the morning there were around 117 miscalls from one number and 99 from another."

She further said, “However, after few days Inder and I had a small argument and he left home. He didn't return for some 3-4 days. I realised something was wrong and left home and went to stay with my mother who stays in the same building on first floor. I later realised that Inder was actually staying with her at her place. We all know how Bollywood industry is - when you get something on platter you always accept it and this was Inder's mistake. When he returned home on 22nd, the girl also came with Inder to stay with him. Let me tell you that I handle everything from Inder's social media to finance. If I don't give him cash he will not have anything in his pocket. His ATM cards are also with me. From food to alcohol everything was taken care of for these three days (22-24 April ) by the girl. She bore all the expenses. On April 22, I met her and tried to make her understand that because of her my house was breaking and she should end her affair. But she was not ready to accept it. I also have proof that my husband stayed with her for 2 days when he had left home. On 23rd April 2014 I saw her taking bottles of alcohol up in my flat”.

Inder Kumar was sent to police custody till 30th April.

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