Inder Kumar’s suicidal video goes viral, wife Pallavi Saraf clears the air

A shocking video of Inder Kumar, who passed away last year due to heart attack circulated on net which shows Inder Kumar committed suicide. The video shows Inder in an inebriated state saying that his bad habits finished his life and he is left with no work and no money. Towards the end of the video, he can be seen crying and apologising to his parents as well. 

Pallavi Saraf, Inder’s wife called a press conference today, clarifying that the disturbing footage is actually a scene from his unreleased films. She said, “It is not a real video. It is actually a scene from a film called ‘Phatti Padi Hai Yaar’ for which he had shot a year-and-half ago. It is sad that people are confusing the film scene with his real life.”

Relatives of Inder are equally worried about the viral video, “Bhabhi gave me this link about the scene, which is actually from his movie. She is depressed. She is already fighting the court case where she is trying to prove Inder bhai innocent of rape charges. She has to look after their five-year-old daughter. On top of this, this video has come out. I don’t want to involve her as she is already going through a lot,” Cinestaan quoted one of Inder’s distant relatives Jatin Dharna as saying.

“Inder bhai had done this film long back. It’s a low budget film. I have already seen the film and I was also on the sets when it was shot. The scene is shot in a realistic way. Hence, it looks like he wants to commit suicide. I called up the director (Prem M Girdhanie) and requested him to announce in a press conference that this is a scene from his film. He has agreed to do it,” Dharna told the publication.

Saraf clarified that the family is not lying about Inder’s death and this is not a publicity stunt. “We would never do that. His death certificate mentions heart attack so why would we try to release a video which says otherwise? This is purely by accident,” Saraf said.

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