Inaaya Naumi Kemmu loves colour, poses adorably

Kunal Kemmu and Soha Ali Khan’s daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu’s adorable daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu also played holi and a lovely picture of the little munchkin was shared on social media.

Inaaya was dressed in white and there is colour all over her dress and face.        

Soha and Kunal Kemmu were blessed with daughter Inaaya on September 29, 2017.

Post the birth of her child, Soha has decided to take a short break from her work and devote all her attention and time to Inaaya at least for a year. "To do a feature film is a big-time commitment and I made that personal decision to give Inaaya a year of my life with as much attention as possible. I thought when she is old enough, I will take on more work. The thing is, she is 8-and-a-half-months now and is ready, but I am not", said the mom.

The doting mother says that she’ll support her daughter in whatever she chooses to do. “Whether she wants to be a full-time mother, astronaut, actor, or architect, I will support her. I want to give her a good foundation, and be involved in her life. I want to teach her my values. And then, ultimately, I want to be able to help [make] her dreams come true”.

Soha says she will teach her daughter to face negativity strongly and face it with confidence, she added, “I’ll show her that these things don’t matter or affect you,” says the actor. “Also, one must learn to respect other people’s opinions. If somebody disagrees with you, it doesn’t mean you block them out or you remove yourself from the equation. Sometimes, it’s good to have a healthy debate. And then, of course, you can agree to disagree as well. And live and let live…”

She adds, “I’d like to exhibit that kind of behaviour around Inaaya. I do want her to have a tough skin — I believe that in the world today, it’s important to have one, otherwise it can get to you. People are very direct and outspoken, and sometimes you hear things that can hurt us. I want her to be able to withstand that.”

Soha says, “It shouldn’t be that Inaaya remains only surrounded by love and positivity. She should also be a strong person, with the [sense of] security to withstand criticism... and also be able to laugh. I think having a sense of humour is very important.”