Imtiaz Ali moves in with ex-wife Preeti, daughter Ida amid lockdown

Lockdown has not only brought Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Suzanne Khan together but director Imtiaz Ali and his es-wife Preeti also moved in together. Imtiaz moved in with his estranged wife Preeti to jointly take care of their daughter, Ida.

On March 13, Ida returned to Mumbai from the US. After returning her father moved in with them. Ida is studying in the US. Imtiaz Ali was very worried about his daughter and so he decided to move in with his ex-wife and daughter.

Though separated in 2012, Imtiaz Ali and Preeti always maintained a codial relationship. In May 2018, it was reported that he is dating celeb chef, Sarah Todd. Mumbai Mirror reported, “They share a common passion for food and travel and like spending time with each other. Imtiaz is a very private person and likes to keep his personal life away from the public view. They are taking it slow for now and there is no clarity if the topic of marriage has been raised.”

After his divorce, Imtiaz had said, “Yes, I am. I had become very formal in my approach to everybody. Marriage is so artificial; it comes with so many dos and don’ts that not only make you claustrophobic but also mediocre. It reduces you to a ch***a version of yourself, you play roles to meet someone else’s expectations. Today, I say things as they are. I’m not hypocritical. I am as open-minded as when I was in school and college.” It should be noted that Preety and Imtiaz were always good friends.