Imran’s bare-chested scene

After Shahrukh in Om Shanti Om, and Aamir Khan in Ghajini, Imran Khan is working hard on his abs. Imran presently has just seven per cent body fat - the same as top international athletes. The actor will be seen in this new avatar in his film I Hate Luv Storys that releases on July 2. Imran has always been more 'brain' than 'body' (that's changed for good now), built the physique at the behest of his director.
"Karan had wanted a certain look for the photo shoot and the bare -chested scene in the film. We had a break for a month as Sonam was shooting for Aisha. I started working out at that time. My trainer Yasmin Karachiwala and I worked out a different diet and exercise regime for those 30 days. My diet consisted only of steamed veg and fish and brown rice. Three days before the shoot, I cut salt intake in my food as that decreases the water content in the body. A day before the shoot, I completely stopped taking salt. A lot of actors do what I did to tone their body for a film but it's not healthy. I would work out twice a day. In the morning, I would do pilates while in the evening, I would do strength training and functional training. I get bored of working out in the gym but I enjoyed functional training which is real life workouts doing stuff we would do in real life. After the shoot, I went to Don Giovanni in Juhu at night and gorged on lasagne." Imran disclosed his fitness secrets. 
"I wanted Imran to pump it up a little more - have a kind of boy-man look. He took the whole month to train for the shoot and had regular workouts with his trainer and followed a strict diet. He was feeling miserable that entire month but the results are worth all that pain." said director Punit Malhotra.  "He has a bare-chested scene in the film wearing track pants and he's looking very hot!" Punit added.