Imran Khan, Monica Dogra take off their pants

Imran Khan and Monica Dogra has recently shot an ad where they seen taking off their jeans, This is Monica’s debut ad. Monica who debuted with Kiran Rao’s ‘Dhobi Ghat’ has also sung the jingle of the advertisement. Imran and Monica shot for a leading denimwear company.

The commercial was shot on the sets of a Mumbai studio. In the ad, Imran plays a shy boy next door while Monica plays a mischievous onlooker at a launderette.

The ad shows that when Imran finds the launderette empty, he takes off his jeans and put it inside the washing machine. The he picks up a book and starts reading waiting for the wash to get finish. The actor doesn’t notice that Monica was noticing him.

Monica decided to play a prank on Imran. She passes off Imran heading to a vending machine, picks out a magazine.

And in all this time, Imran was absorbed in the book.

It's only when he went to the machine to get his pant, he realized that Monica isn't wearing any pants, either.