Imran Khan engaged to girlfriend Avantika

There is a good news for Imran Khan’s fans. According to the latest report, Imran Khan got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Avantika. There were dating for a long time. In various occasions, Imran and Avantika was spotted together. Though the duo never declared to be in love, their movement throws a clear signal.

Its official and Imran Khan himself confirmed the news saying, “Yes it’s true. But we’re planning to have a proper ceremony later, so right now it’s just for us and our families.” It all happened in the following way. Imran planned a surprise birthday party for Avantika and on this auspicious occasion, he in a true Bollywood style proposed his sweetheart in front of all. Avantika who was clean bowled by Imran’s gesture immediately accepted his proposal.  

It came into forefront when the duo walked in together in Arjun Rampal’s nightclub launch party and there Arjun himself announced their engagement. The Bollywood celebrities then came forward to congratulate the newly engaged couple.