Imran goes gaga over Ranbir

Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor’s dosti is the new brewing relationship in Bollywood. They are almost of the same age and quite energetic and have the josh to make things bigger. They may be tagged with many embarrassing titles or said to be creating another Dostana similar to Abhishek and John but Imran Khan is giving no ear to all those remarks and regards Ranbir a very good friend.  

An excited Imran said, "It's equally rocking. We share a wonderful chemistry in real life. We are a hot pair and we enjoy every moment of our friendship. We understand each other very well." He added, “I admire Ranbir very much. I have learnt a lot of things from him. He has encouraged me a lot. He himself is a very hard worker. He works day and night for his characters. I really admire his qualities."

Imran further revealed that if he gets to pair opposite Ranbir then they will rock together and can give tough competition to any other couple. 

He then deviate the topic to Aamir mamu’s jhagda with Shahrukh Khan and said, "He is one of the most decent actors of the film industry and he will always be a role model for newcomers. I am not concerned with his problems with Shahrukh Khan. They have been good friends and even if there is anything wrong between the two they know how to sort it out."