Imran, Avantika living together

You might be wondering why Imran Khan is living with Avantika in her house when marriage is so close. The reason is Imran Khan’s house is under renovation and so he and his mother has moved in at Avantika’s place. They are going strong and steady for eight years and they have a good understanding between them.  

Imran speaks out, "My bungalow belonged to my grandpa (late Nasir Hussain). The time had come to do it up all over again. It required a lot of repair for various reasons. The inside structure is being changed to a large extent. So, now I am staying at Avantika's house".

Imran Khan, who has been in a long distance relationship with Avantika, feels he could relate to his character in 'Break Ke Baad'.

"Like in this film, I too have been in a long distance relationship in real life. So, I know the kind of conversations lovers have when they stay in different countries. And then long distance relationships are accompanied with their share of insecurities and weird feelings. I have experienced all this," said Imran.

The actor sees nothing wrong in staying with his girlfriend,  “Imran candidly told the tabloid, "I proposed to her first in our period of dating. It's been nearly eight years now. It's not early to get married. Weren't many stars in Bollywood younger than me when they tied the knot in their respective lives?"