Imam Siddique takes a dig at Shahrukh Khan

Imam Siddique was the most hated celebrity in the “Bigg Boss” house this season. However, from outside, viewers found him to be the most amusing. After a week of the show getting over, Imam Siddique who became the runner-up has been offered “Nautanki”. This is going to be the channel’s newest show that will be aired on television on the 2nd of February.

In a recent interview Imam was asked the reason as to why he chose to sign up ‘Nautanki’. He said, “I was thrilled and excited when I got this offer, because I am beyond comedy. I am hilariously funny.”

He got a lot of negative publicity from “Bigg Boss” so much so that he was termed a ‘psycho’. When asked if he regrets taking up the show, he said, “It was the best move of my career. The love, encouragement and support that I got from the people was phenomenal. Masses have loved me and redefined the term celebrity. After seeing me, many told me that I personify Utsah and Umang.”

He was also asked about the changes that “Bigg Boss” brought into his life. To this he said, “I have been getting so many offers that I cant tell you. People are paying me `5 lakh just to make an appearance in weddings. The royal family of Saudi Arabia has called me and my family for Haj and Umrah. I believe in the saying paisa phenk tamasha dekh. I am a kiraye ka tatttoo.”

He added, “I will come for a wedding, charge lesser than Shah Rukh Khan for a dance and do a better job than him. He is a non-dancer while I am a dancer. In the next two years, I promise to make more money than any Indian celebrity did in the five years.”

Sapna Bhavnani, the celebrity hairstylist was also an inmate this season. She had a love-hate relationship with Imam. After she exited the show she was for all praises for him. She had also mentioned that she would love to tattoo his name on her neck. When Imam was informed about this, he said in his characteristic way, “Sorry Sapna, I don't like backhanded compliments. I wouldn't like to be on her or anyone's back. I like to be in the front. It would be good if she tattoos my name across her bust. That would be quite graphic.”

Talking about Rajeev Paul with whom he did not gel at all, Imam said, “I hope for his safety that he stays away from me. It's better to be safe than to be sorry. It is not a threat, but a request. Ms Paulpachino, time out!”