I'm proud of my exotic brown skin, Diana Hayden slams Tripura CM

The former Miss World Diana Hayden hits back at Tripura CM Biplab Deb after the latter said that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan represents Indian beauty and not Diana Hayden.

Diana hits back at Tripura CM and that he’s proud of her exotic brown skin colour. She said that the remarks were hurtful, a pity and shame. “Shame on him as our beautiful, exotic brown colouring is to be proud of. I sure am!” Hayden said.

“I am fighting this brown skin bias since my childhood and I have succeeded in doing so, people should be proud of my achievement, rather than belittling it. I am a proud brown-skinned Indian and I am hurt. A minister who is in a prominent position should be careful about what he says,” she said in an interview.

“With regards to me winning the Miss World, it’s a pity and shame, that when you win the biggest and most respected beauty pageant in the world, you get criticised and put down as opposed to being appreciated and respected for bringing more accolades back home and further appreciation of our Indian brown exotic beauty,” she further said.

She pointed that the bigger problem in India is “fairness bias”. “Being brown-skinned, I’ve had to fight the ‘light skin is better’ issue we have in India. I felt so strongly about it that I turned down a fairness cream ad because it went against my belief,” she said.

Speaking at a design workshop in Agartala, the Tripura CM on Wednesday, said that Aishwarya Rai, “in a true sense”, represents the Indian women. “Indian beauty should ideally look like Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati. Diana Hayden did not deserve to win the Miss World crown. Actually, it was part of a fixed plan which was hatched keeping in mind the interests of the international market. Aishwarya Rai’s victory was well deserved as she represents the quintessential Indian woman,” he said.

“Indian women did not use cosmetics or shampoo. We washed our hair with ‘methi’ water to prevent hair fall and bathed with mud. Beauty contest organisers are international marketing mafia that tried to capture a market of 125 crore Indians with their move,” he further added.

Biplab Deb in his latest speech said “Aishwarya Rai represents the Indian women. She became the Miss World and that's all right. But I do not understand the beauty of Diana Hayden”. His comment has hurt Diana’s sentiments.