I'm not grabbing land, will pay according to law, Hema Malini

Veteran actor and BJP MP Hema Malini, who was recently accused of ‘land-grabbing’ allegation by RTI activist Anil Galgali has denied grabbing any land. RTI activist Anil Galgali had alleged that Hema was given land worth Rs 70 crore for a throw away price of Rs 70,000 by the BJP-led state government.

Denying the charge, Hema said, “How can someone say I grabbed land. I have not paid any money yet for the land. I don’t even know how much I have to pay. I have not got land yet. I will pay according to the governmental rules and regulations and whatever they say is right.”

Hema also made it clear that even if the cost is Rs 70 crore she will pay and purchase the land. “I will take the land at any cost as it is my dream to build a dance academy. This academy will be free of cost for all underprivileged kids. This academy will be made to promote classical dance which is deteriorating in our country. It is not for my personal benefit.”

The actress also clarified that out of the 29360 sqt meters, she would be only be using 2000 sqt meters of land for her dance academy. The rest of the land would be developed into a garden by her trust and given back to BMC. “It’s been a struggle for me for 20 years to get land to open a dance academy. In 1994 I asked for it and was allotted a land in 1997 which was later declared a CRZ zone. I was then shown a few other places which were not suitable for me. Later, this place called Ambivali was shown which looked suitable. I asked for 5000 sq.mtr and have now been allotted 2000 sq.mtr. I have also been asked to develop the rest of the area into a garden which will have a joggers park and other things for public and hand it back to BMC. That’s like a white elephant for me. Even I will have to take permission from BMC later to enter the garden.”