I’m afraid to have a daughter, Divyanka Tripathi

The rape incident of a 12-year-old girl in Chandigarh has created scare in actress Divyanka Tripathi’s mind. She said that repeated such unpleasant incident now scared to have a girl child. Highlighting her own fears, the actress said, “I never prayed for a son but now I’m afraid to have a daughter. What will I tell her? Why did I bring her into a living hell?”

Divyanka, who is married to Vivek Dahiya turned to PM Narendra Modi and requested him to take strict action against the rapists and take necessary action against such unpleasant incident.

“Punish these violators in a way that it becomes a lesson to those who think about committing such a crime. We have faith in you, please do something,” she said. Urging all other political parties to take action on this issue too, the actress questioned the very purpose behind elections. She asked, “For what must we vote? 70 years of independence hasn’t set us free! All parties must WAKE UP NOW! Every woman deserves security!” she added.

In another tweet, she asked all the women to stop voting for political parties. “Women must stop voting for any party as they are so unimportant for this nation! It’s a ‘No Woman’s Land’ or a #RapistsParadise we live in!” she wrote.

The couple took the ‘saat pheras’ (seven vows) on Friday night (July 8) at Divyanka’s hometown in Bhopal. The duo became close while working on the popular TV series ‘Ye Hai Mohabatein’ of which Divyanka is the lead actress. Vivek also features as the lead in the fairly new supernatural series ‘Kavach - Kali Shaktiyon Se’. A graduate from Cardiff University, UK, Vivek had worked in the corporate sector before entering the glamour world.