'Iktara' singer Kavita Seth's husband dies

Singer Kavita Seth of ‘Iktara’ fame (Wake Up Sid) is in deep mourn. Her husband K.K.Seth died of pancreatitis on Thursday morning. He was 48.

Highly depressed Kavita said: "It was all over in just three days. I can't believe he's gone! I don't know how I'll carry on."

Four days ago, the singer's husband, who worked at the Airports Authority Of India, came home at lunch, complaining of stomach ache.

"We took him to a nearby hospital. We were told to take him to a bigger hospital since his condition was serious. He was detected with pancreatitis and his treatment began accordingly. But no medicine worked. In just three days, it was all over. It was destiny, I guess. Jisko jaana hota hai, woh jayega (Whoever has to go, goes)," she said.

No sooner the news of K.K. Seth’s death is out, close friends and relatives started to pour in at their residence.

Kavita is highly acclaimed for the ‘Iktara’ song and she said that she has to work harder now since she has a responsibility of two sons.

"I must not allow them to feel they're deprived in any way because their father is no more with them. It's a very difficult situation for me. It has come on me without warning. One day he was here. The next day he was gone. But I have to cope. For my sons," she said.

Luckily, quality works from Bollywood are coming her way.