If I don’t get married this year, I’ll jump into a well: Sukhwinder Singh

Singer Sukhwinder Singh is longing to get married. He is 45 and looking for a soulmate to settle down in life.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Sukhwinder said, “Koi meri shaadi karwa do, nahi toh main kuein mein kood ke jaan de dunga (Someone please get me married or I’ll jump into a well and die)”. He shared that music composer AR Rahman, too, wants him to get married.

“I was in the recording studio with him for three days. Rahman ne jaan kha li ki shaadi kar le, shaadi kar le (Rahman kept pestering me to get married),” said Sukhwinder who has sung many popular songs in Bollywood.

Sukhwinder wants to settle down but the idea of marriage gives him the jitters. “My friends send me jokes about how couples suffer after marriage. A friend sent me a photo of a woman walking and her husband behind her, holding all the shopping bags. These things have always scared me, and that’s why I still haven’t married anyone,” said the singer, who is hoping to find a suitable girl to settle down.

“I want it to be a fantabulous relationship. I don’t want her (his future wife)to follow the old traditions or think like, ‘My husband is bigger than me’ or anything like that. I want it to be equal. In fact, I want 70% of the relationship dedicated to her, and 30% to me. I want her to feel special when she is with me,” added Sukhwinder.