I’d like to pass on my values to Aaradhya, Aishwarya

As Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will turn a year old on November 1, she gets candid with Subhash K Jha and opens her heart about her comeback film, bringing up her daughter Aaradhya, about her birthday wish and many more.

Speaking about her responsibility towards her daughter and work, Ash said, “I’d be blind not to see it. I feel it all the time. As for my sense of responsibility I thank my parents for bringing me up with the right values.I was aware of my responsibilities from the  day I became part of the entertainment industry. I’d like to pass on my values to Aaradhya.I never had to be told the dos and don’ts”.

Speaking about her ageless beauty, Aishwarya said, “People  pay me a compliment by calling me beautiful and I say, thankyou very much. But I have to be considered beautiful  from inside. That’s my definition of beauty.If I am called beautiful for who I am then I truly treasure it.Blessedly even when my beauty is mentioned my performances are not ignored.I don’t feel my looks have overshadowed my work”.

Aishwarya talks about facing camera after so many years, “Oh my God! You’re so right. We keep talking about my absence from acting for three years because Aaradhya is 3 going on 4. But before I came back with Jazbaa I hadn’t faced the camera for  nearly five years. It was Abhishek who pointed out that the last time I faced was  for Guzaarish five years ago.I’d have never imagined time could fly by so fast”.

Aishwarya’s birthday thoughts, “Thank you for everything. The accolades, the comeback, Padma Shri,my daughter and husband. I never took the comfortable route.When I made unusual choices with directors like Rituparno Ghosh people said I was going off the mainstream route. But today those films  like Raincoat and Chokher Bali are mentioned the most”.