I wore my grandmother’s old sari for my wedding, Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte revealed that she is very much attached to her grandmother and wore her grandmother’s old sari for her registered wedding with Benedict Taylor.   

The ‘Padman’ actress opened up why she chose to wear her grand mother’s old sari for her D-day, “When I got married, I wore my grandmother’s old sari for my registered wedding and it had a lot of holes in it. But I wore it because she’s one of my favourite people on the planet. I’m not really someone who spends a lot of money on fancy clothes and especially not for a registered marriage. Of course, I wanted to look good—I did buy a dress for my party (which was less than ten thousand rupees!). Also, I have to tell you this; I bought that dress at the last minute because I forgot to buy one! I’m not a picky person when it comes to clothes.” she added.

Radhika Apte tied the knot with British musician Benedict Taylor in 2012 and since then the actress is maintaining a long-distance marriage with her hubby. Radhika shuttles between Mumbai and London to make her long-distance marriage work.

In an interview, the actress said that she and her husband made it a point to meet every month to make their marriage work.

"Either he comes to India or I go to London, where he's based. It's really important to take time out to meet each other in an LDR," she told Cosmopolitan India in an exclusive interview.

"In our case, we're committed to being together for a few days every month - sometimes we even cancel other plans to make that happen. There have been times when it turns into a month-and-a-half due to our schedules, but we don't ever stretch it beyond that. If you really want to be with somebody, you make that effort; it automatically becomes a priority," she added.

She said that loneliness do matters a lot but it has nothing to do with miles or kilometres. .

There can be moments of loneliness in a long-distance relationship but according to Radhika, it has nothing to do with being miles away from your partner.

"Being in an LDR for so long, I can affirm that it's extremely hard. People often ask me what I do when I feel lonely, when Bened isn't around. Invariably, my response to them is this: loneliness has nothing to do with LDR. People can live together in the same house for years and still be lonely," she said.

"Of course, when you want to be with each other, when you come home and want the other person to be there, and that doesn't happen, it's difficult. But you get used to it," Radhika added.

Showbiz demands hectic schedules and constant travel. "Even if we were to be in the same city, and a shoot came up, I'd end up being on location for a good two to three months. That's an inevitable part of my profession. We have accepted our situation, and try to make the best of what we have. The fact that we are constantly in touch just makes it easier for both of us," the actress said.

Radhika revealed that when she began dating Benedict, he quit his job and moved in with her. "But we both didn't think it was the right thing to do. We both take our work very seriously, and don't think either of us would be happy giving it up for the other person. The thing is, if you aren't happy, you can't make anyone else happy. So, we make each other's work a priority, and are also accommodating and encouraging about it," she said.