'I will not listen to your s*** anymore', Gauhar fights with Tanisha

Only counted days are left for the finale and the eight contestants of the show are getting over one another and showing their sentiments for one another which they have kept hidden over these months. Yes, we are speaking about Gauhar Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee. Gauhar and Tanisha during their stay in the house never spoke ill about one another or yell and argue over any matter openly. But recently, they expressed their bitter feeling for each other during a task assigned by Bigg Boss, titled, ‘Ticket To Finale’.

The housemates are divided into two teams and they are given to complete five different tasks. The winner of this task will have the advantage to straightway enter the finale.

Team A includes Sangram, Andy, Tanishaa and Armaan, while Team B members are  Gauahar, Kamya, Kushal and Ajaz. It was during one of these tasks that the rivalry between Gauahar Khan and Tanishaa Mukherji came to forefront. They shouted at one another and exchanged heated arguments.

Gauhar Khan was heard repeatedly saying Tanisha stop making personal comments while Tanisha asked Gauhar to stop using abusive language.

Gauahar lost her cool and said, “I will not listen to your s*** anymore”. On the other hand, Tanishaa replied by saying, “What is not fair is not fair”.

From day one, Gauhar and Tanisha were not in good terms but the beauties never expressed their hatred for one another publicly but as the finale is drawing nearer, the pictures are getting crystal clear.