I was smoking 20-30 cigarettes a day, reveals Milind Soman

Former model-actor Milind Soman on the occasion of ‘World No Tobacco Day’ made a shocking revelation that he used to smoke 20-30 cigarettes a day. He developed the habit while hanging out with friends and got addicted to it. It took him long time to get rid of the smoking habit but finally he has bene able to do it.

Sharing his own experience with the same, Milind went on to say, "Every 31st of May, World No Tobacco Day, is a celebration for me, and also a reminder of the stupidest thing I ever did - smoke!!"

He shared, "I started smoking at the age of 32, on the sets of Captain Vyom, a sci-fi TV series i was shooting at the time. There was no reason to start, just hanging out with people who smoked, trying it out and getting hooked. I got addicted really quickly and was soon smoking 20-30 cigarettes a day. Was tough to stop and took me a long, long time, but I was fortunate that I could."

"I think I got off lightly. Probably because a lot of other good habits. Many are not so lucky."

The 55-year-old fitness freak posted a boomerang video of himself, in which he can be seen ripping a cigarette into two pieces, and captioned it, "The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing more than 8 million people a year around the world."