I was sexually harassed by my uncle, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s niece

Nawazuddin Siddhiqui’s niece has lodged a police complaint of sexual harassment against the actor’s brother Shamas Siddiqui. She alleged that Nawaz’s brother abused her when she was a child. She lodged the complaint against her uncle Shamas at Jamia police station in Delhi.

“I was sexually harassed by my uncle when I was nine and I have filed a complaint against him. My parents separated when I was two years old, and I had a stepmother look after me. As a child, I couldn’t understand what he was doing to me. Later when I realised I decided to take an action. There was violence involved too”, she alleged.

She alleged that Nawaz did not support her in the matter.

“When I told Nawaz about what was happening and about my mental agony, he refused to believe it. He said that my uncle can never do something like this. I thought Nawaz belongs to a different society and will understand but nothing like that happened”.

The woman also claimed that her father and her uncle have been harassing her in-laws. She told the news portal, “Even after my marriage, my father and Nawaz bade papa was also involved, filed false cases to harass my in-laws. If they would have been strict then this would not have happened. They never believed me.”

Nawazuddin’s brother Shamas Siddiqui totally refuted the allehation and said that she was “misguiding” the law.

Shamas tweeted on Wednesday, “How can someone misguide the law and file the same case with different statement at @DelhiPolice, when there was no name of @Nawazuddin_S in the earlier statement given 2 years back to Court & the case is in #UttrakhandHighCourt as well.” He added in another tweet, “It clearly indicates the motive and the person behind publicising this fake things in media. Truth will be uncovered soonest. @CPDelhi #NawazuddinSiddiqui.”