I was made to feel as if I was running a prostitution den, Deepti Naval

Deepti Naval, along with her co-star from her hit film ‘Chashme Buddoor’, Farooq Shaikh, were holding some interview sessions with some of the prominent journalists, about the remake of their movie ‘Chashme Buddoor’.

 Ever since news came about ‘Chashme Buddoor’ being remade by David Dhawan, Deepti and Farooq have been hounded by journalists as to what is their take on the same.

 Everyone wanted to know their reaction about this remake, as the original one in which they had acted became one of the classics of Bollywood. During this particular interview, Deepti Naval’s neighbors decided to create a scene by barging into her house and asking her to stop the interview. This comes across as a classic case of jealously among neighbors.

 Having a spacious terrace apartment, it seemed like the perfect place to hold the interview session. This terrace has also been the venue for various press meets and parties alike. But a scene like this was a first of its kind. Residing in the plush area of Seven Bungalows, her neighbors were of the belief that interviews and media persons should not be allowed in ones house and that it accounted as a rule breaking. Having lived there for the past 30 years, she felt ashamed that they came up with this rule right now to personally attack her.

Deepti Naval, being a polite person, apologized to the journalist as well as her co-star, Farooq Shaikh, and left the building along with them, and has not come back since then. Of course it has hurt her sentiments, since there is no rule which states you can’t hold interviews in one’s home. Her neighbors even threatened to call the police.

 She feels that she became the target for them, because she hardly interacts with the society members, but that is because there is nothing common she shares with any of them. This has been misconstrued by the society and they have unnecessarily attacked her. Deepti Naval said, “This is the first time that I was made to feel as if I was running a prostitution den. I have never felt so humiliated in my entire life.”

 She is currently staying at her apartment in Harmony in Madh Island, and it is believed that she does not feel like coming back to her own home. At the same time, Farooq Shaikh also stated that he is not aware of any such rule which forbids them from giving interviews from home.