I was called at big people's houses, threatened: Kangana on tiff with Hrithik

Kangana Ranaut is not ready to forget and forgive Hrithik Roshan. She is again back with another shocking revelation. The actress is not ready to forget her tiff with the actor and made a shocking revelation that big and influential people asked her to keep quiet on Hrithik Roshan issue and even threatened her that if she opens her mouth her career will be spoiled.  

"I was called at big people's houses. I was told if I open my mouth, I will be finished (referring to her career)." But Kangana claims that 'it doesn't make any sense' anymore. "That chapter is over for me. It is so done and dusted and it doesn't hold any relevance in today's time," Kangana told PTI.

"I had that (low) phase also but it did not frighten or threaten me because I knew I was not doing anything wrong.''

''My own family, my mother was like don't do all these things and say, "Bade log hain tumhe marwa daalenge." She would cry all the time. Out of concern and love, they wanted me to shut up not because they don't know want the truth to be out but (because) that's the best thing,'' she told NDTV.

Kangana further said, ''But that's not the way to live. If you let your guard down, the other person then gets an opportunity to attack you. It is important to protect yourself.''

''I was not fighting any individual battle but fighting against many prejudices. I took it all in my stride. So I am a whore, I'm sexually attractive, have psychological problems, capable of falling in love with men passionately. So what is my future? What should be done with me. They have nothing to say. They can't kill the fierceness.''

''I speak my mind. I don't think twice before answering back to anyone. It doesn't matter what a great artist you are and how big you are in the industry. I don't encourage bullying or teasing. Why should I?''

''When you deal with malice and betrayal from someone who you have been extremely close to, of course, it does affect you. There is a character assassination - that too publicly - by that individual in whom you put all your faith and love. It has been very hard to deal with.''

''But the fighter instinct in me dominates every other instinct. I did not think twice. I see so many woman committing suicide and falling into depression and my only point is why do they fail to attack? I'm not saying strip others off their dignity too. But you have got to say no to the healer archetype. I am extremely bold. I sent a notice back. I did not take it lying down.''

She added, ''I personally feel that women are made out to be a nurturer or a healer. We really over-identify with that archetype. We need to put a rein to it when it threatens our own dignity, pride and instinct. If someone I feel is being mean, obnoxious or unfair and threatening my survival instinct, as an individual my first and foremost duty is to protect my own dignity as a woman.''

''I have done that whether it is from my father who had his standards of strict parenting, to my initial years in the industry when they tried to humiliate me and slot me in B-grade cinema. I fought that and even nepotism,'' Kangana said.