I was abused, attacked but nobody helped me: Rupali Ganguly

The recent road rage has left television star Rupali Ganguly in big shock. Two men in bike broke her car window, abused left and left her bleeding while onlookers stood around as silent viewers. Nobody came forward to help her. Rupali was attacked by two men at Bharat Nagar Signal, near Banana Leaf in Versova while she was on her way to drop her son to school.

The incident took place around 8 am on the way to her son’s school. Her son and the maid servant were sitting in the back seat and she was on the wheels.

Narrating the incident, the ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ actress said, “My son tried to take my mobile by lunging forward and just while taking care of him, my foot from the brake went back a little and the car moved forward, but mind you not more than an inch. Consequently, my car happened to touch a bike,” she said.

Rupali says the men got angry and one approached her car and started to abuse her. “It was nauseating. My child was hearing them. I told him ‘Kuch nahin hua hai, why are you overreacting?’I even apologized, but he was in no mood to listen,” she added. The man then hit her window hard enough to break the glass. The shattered pieces hit her hand and she began bleeding. “I told him ‘Itna gussa kis baat ka hai?’ In turn, he started going off towards the backside of my car. It was clear he wanted to smash the rear windscreen. Frankly, I don’t know what he wanted to do,” she added.

Before he could break another window, Rupali drove away from the scene. Her son was petrified and continuously crying after the incident and even refused to get down at school. The school authorities told Rupali to take him home.

“Would you believe nobody reacted even when I got down from the car near the school. Bas kuch log were very curious to know ‘Kya hua?’. Nobody even offered to take me to a doctor for medical assistance. That’s the spirit of our Mumbai,” she said.

Rupali said that she immediately drove to the nearby police station and reported the incident. The police acted immediately and with the help of CCTV footage they track down the two men and brought to the police station. She said that the men asked her for forgiveness and were accompanied by their mothers at the police station. The mothers tried to pacify Rupali by saying ‘Aap bhi maa hain (You are also a mother). Leave our kid’.

“I told them if my son had misbehaved and attacked in this manner, I myself would have brought him to the police station,” saying this she walked out of the station after filing her complaint.