I was a single mother and had to earn money, Mahima Chaudhary

The ‘Pardes’ actress Mahima Chaudhary is no longer seen in big screen now. The one film wonder Mahima Chaudhary disappeared from the silver screen after few movies. She reasoned as why she bade good-bye to movies. The 44-year-old actress said that she feels Bollywood has not good roles to offer to senior actors and so she decided to stay away. Mahima was last seen in Bengali thriller ‘Dark Chocolate’ based on Sheena Bora’s murder case.

In the early years, Mahima dated tennis player Leander Paes. Later, she broke up with Leander. About her break-up, she said, "His exit had no impact on my life. In fact, I became more mature as a person and I feel he did the same thing with Rhea Pillai as well."

In 2006, Mahima secretly married architect businessman Bobby Mukherj. She has eight-year-old daughter Ariana from him but in 2016, Mahima broke-up with Bobby Mukherji.

Mahima talks about bringing up her child, she told mid-day: "I was a single mother and had to earn money. With a child, it was difficult to take up films, as it would have consumed a lot of time. I started judging a few television shows, making appearances at functions or cutting ribbons because it was convenient for me. It also gave me quick and good money. Now, when I look back, I feel those assignments ruined me as an actress."