I was 15 when I got my periods, Sonam Kapoor

Padman’ is slated to release on January 25 and the leading stars were on promotional mode. Sonam Kapoor, who is playing the pivotal role in the film talked about her first period.

When Sonam was asked about the reaction of her first period, she said, “I was 15 when I got my periods and all my friends had got that way before me. I was very upset that I had not got it. So when I actually got it I was very relieved because I kept telling my parents there is something wrong with me as I did not get my periods. So, I was very very happy.”

The ‘Neerja’ actress also said that the thinking of the people about taking rest during period and not to do heavy work is totally incorrect. She said that doing physical work during period is good.

She said, ‘’That was a joke but it is true. I guess hot packs help you a lot in pain, drink lots of water, actually workout more, people think that it is better to lie down but actually the more you move it is better.’’

R.Balki directed 'PadMan' will see actress Radhika Apte playing Akshay Kumar's wife. The film is slated to release on January 25.