Ranbir wants to be a father at 32

Ranbir Kapoor is single and he is very happy with his single status. But he won’t want to remain single for a long time, he wants to have his own family, get married and have a child by 32. Lets hear this good news from Ranbir’s mouth, “I want to have a family, I want to have children, and I don’t want to be a bachelor. I want to have a child by the time I am 32. I want to be 50 when he or she is 20. I aspire to have a life like that. I’m not looking for love but I would love for it to happen.”

Ranbir Kapoor dated Deepika Padukone at one point of time but after dating for one year, he dumped her. There are many reasons cited for their break-up and it was also reported that Ranbir is now repenting on his decision and wants Deepika back. Whereas Ranbir claim that he is loving his singleton status.

He clarifies, “I am single at the moment and have been for around six or seven months and I am very happy, very, very happy. I am enjoying my work, I am doing things that I wouldn’t do when I am in a relationship, like hang out with my guy friends, learn to play the guitar, try to play soccer or watch DVDs. It’s a very important time and I respect it. I am not in depression. Being in a relationship is lovely, it’s the most beautiful thing. But not being in a relationship is also lovely.”

Ranbir’s career is climbing the ladder of success gradually.