I've been wronged: Amisha

Amisha PatelTaking your parents to court is not an easy decision for any child, and it wasn't for Amisha Patel either who says the entire episode has been painful but that she had been wronged and it was getting to be a "desperate situation".
Amisha Patel, who has sued her father charging him with "mismanaging" her accounts and assets amounting to...
...Rs 120 million and demanding the money back, said it was a longstanding problem and she had to go to court.

She isn't the first Bollywood actress to take her family to task. Years ago, Sarika took on her mother. But she stopped at simply walking out on her mother and home with nothing except a car in which she slept until she found another place to live in.

Amisha's parents have reportedly dragged in director Vikram Bhatt's name in the sordid episode. But what is Vikram's role in the family fracas?

The director, who admits that "Amisha is more than a friend", says he is supporting her fight to recover her dues.

"What's wrong with that? Isn't a friend supposed to stand by you in your hour of need?"

"But the fight is between her and her family. I'm being made a whipping horse when her mother is being quoted as saying that I'm misguiding her. Amisha is an intelligent girl. She doesn't need to be told what to do," Vikram goes on to add.

"I'm glad she has taken this stand. Lots of actresses are ripped off by their family. They never speak out because they end up marrying rich guys and just go from one level of oblivious affluence to another. It's very brave of Amisha to take a stand. Yes, we're very serious about each other. But we've no immediate marriage plans," Vikram said in an interview.

As for Amisha, she says it has been a painful experience but it's been a longstanding problem and she had to fight for justice.