I think I was smart to marry Shahrukh, Gauri

Gauri Khan feels lucky to have Shahrukh Khan as her hubby who is so much loving and caring person and in adddition he is a star having the entire world at his feet. Gauri reveals all about their struggling days, Shahrukh's hardworking and rising to stardom. Gauri married to Shahrukh at the age of 21 when SRK was nothing and he was working hard to create a niche in Bollywood.

Speaking about their meeting, Gauri said, “Yes he was the first person I met and went out with and he has been the only man.”

She further adds, “He was always ambitious from his very childhood in his school in his college he has always been on top. Whether it was as a student; football, hockey, his theatre anything, for me whatever he would touch would be gold. I think I was smart to marry him. I think that’s my smartness that I chose the right guy".

Speaking about their struggling period, Gauri replied, “It’s been an amazing journey I would say. When I came to Bombay it was very difficult I enjoyed every bit of it but it was so new and life was very different new people and new home. But we went back very often to Delhi in the beginning.”

Gauri remembers how silly she was when she changed Shahrukh’s name to ‘Abhinav’ so that her parents feel he was a Hindu boy.

Shahrukh love to watch desperate house wives with Gauri.

Shahrukh has created a lover boy image and girls envy of Gauri as she has got Shahrukh as her husband.