I think I have the best body in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan

We have all admired his muscles and sighed over his physique. But it seems we are not alone in our adulation. Hrithik Roshan himself thinks that he has the best body in Bollywood and would love to pass on some health tips to everyone. "I think I have the best body in Bollywood," said the 39 year old star at a book launch.

Hrithik had been training with international bodybuilding trainer Kris Gethin for his upcoming film Krrish 3 and, according to rumor, he has been paying him Rs. 20 lakhs for thisThe film is an action packed superhero film where Hrithik will be seen flaunting his well developed musculature. "There are some really good action scenes in Krrish 3. You will see me jumping from tall buildings, doing nice punches and kicks," he said. Krrish 3 continues the saga begun with Koi…… mil gaya which was launched in 2006. The director of the film Rakesh Roshan had earlier confirmed that Hrithik will be appearing in triple role in the film. "He (Hrithik) is playing Rohit the father and he also plays Krishna and Krrish. Yup, when he is the simpleton, he's Krishna and when he's the superman, he is Krrish," said Rakesh Roshan. Hrithik himself is quite revved about the project saying, "It will take another six-seven months. It is my most ambitious project. I have worked very hard. I have put all my passion into this. You go to sleep with a satisfaction in your heart and wake up with a mind buzzing with ideas. November 1 is the release date. I hope everything comes out well."

Gethin had penned a fitness guide named 'The Bodybuilding.com: Guide to Your Best Body'. It was at the launch of this book that Hrithik was heard giving health advice, saying that he has the best body in Bollywood. Talking about the best health tips, the actor said, "It is a philosophy that I have learnt and I want to pass it on, not only to my kids but I also want to pass it on as a service to all the people, all my fans, basically to the common man. We really need to be re-educated where health is concerned.”  

"If you are healthy and you are fit, you will always be happy with your body because that then will be your best body," concluded the actor.

Hrithik will next be seen in Bang Bang by Siddharth Anand.