I started drinking heavily, it was so painful: admits Kapil Sharma

Ace comedian Kapil Sharma is currently on a break. He is undergoing treatment at Ayurvedic center in Bangalore.

Kapil Sharma said, "I am currently in Bangalore undergoing Ayurvedic treatment. I needed to repair my body to make a great and healthy comeback. I am hoping to be back in Mumbai by September-end."

Kapil Sharma admitted that he got into excessive drinking post mid-air brawl with Sunil Grover.

About the Sunil Grover mid-air flight 'fight', he said, “I admit there was a problem. And I’ve paid a heavy price for it. But what was reported was grossly exaggerated and almost entirely fabricated. It was said that I asked that food be served to me first on the flight and that I got angry and I threw a shoe at Sunil. You’ve known me for some years. Do you think I am capable of such behaviour?"

He added, “It affected me deeply. I started drinking heavily. It was so unnecessary. And so painful to me. Sunil Grover, Chandan (Prabhakar), Ali Asgar are all my friends. How could this happen?”

Regarding cancelling shoots with stars, Kapil said, “Do you think I am so stupid as to turn away big stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn? They all knew what my problem was. They all saw how I was suffering. They were all very caring. None of them minded. Only a section of the media made me sound like this arrogant monster who was using his health as an excuse to turn away stars just to satisfy my ego.”

He further said, “All the stars have been very supportive. Arjun Rampal had to go without recording. But he came back because he knew what I was going through. When Anil Kapoorji came, and I couldn’t shoot, I decided that I will stay on the set and just sit there quietly. But when he saw my condition, he refused to shoot and told me to take it easy. The stars have been wonderful.”

He further revealed, “I’ve never bothered to market myself. I never had a PR. Maybe that’s why some sections of the media took it on themselves to write whatever they wanted. I was shocked to hear about the things being written about me. Most of them were untrue.”

Kapil has stated that his deteriorating health led him to the cancellation of shoots. About his health, he said, “Nothing serious. Main thoda phisal gaya tha. Abb sambhal gaya hoon (I had slipped, now I’ve regained composure). Health issues hain. I’ve checked into an ayurveda clinic for complete detoxification. They’re saying I have to stay here for 40 days. But I won’t be able to stay that long. I have a film coming up in November.”

Kapil Sharma assures he will be back with a bang, “I am not done yet. My show is far from over. We will be coming back stronger than ever as soon I’ve recovered. Please bear with me. Please pray for me”, concluded Kapil Sharma.