I started drinking at a very young age of 19, Javed Akhtar

The Sunday episode of Aamir Khan’s highly popular show’ Satyamev Jayate’ dealt with a common and dangerous issue of alcoholism, The episode deals with alcoholism and how alcohol took the life of many. The studio audience shared their stories of how they overcame their addiction of drinking alcohol.

One of the surprise guests of the show was famous lyricist Javed Akhtar. He too shared his story of how he got addicted to alcohol at a young stage and how he later got rid of it. Javed Akhtar said that he took up drinking as a fun activity with friends but slowly he developed a habit of drinking full a bottle one day.

On the show, Mr Akhtar said, "I have been addicted to alcohol for 26-27 years. I started drinking at a very younge age of 19. When I came to Bombay (now Mumbai) after completing my graduation I started drinking with friends and later it became a habit. Earlier I didn't have enough money but then after my success money flow was also taken care of. Then came a time when I would drink one bottle a day."

He warned the youngsters not to get into this bad habit as it may spoil his or her life.

Mr Akhtar said, "I believe that a person who drinks can be "three things ghinoney (filthy), gadha or both."

At the end, Aamir asked his young studio audience how many of them drink and to his surprise 90 per cent raised their hands with some saying it had become a social obligation.