I really want to slap Rohit Verma, Tanaaz Currim

TV actress Tanaaz Currrim who was recently evicted from Bigg Boss is furious over fashion designer Rohit Verma. She wants to go back and slap him. "Rohit has enraged me so much with his attitude and backbiting on the show that I really want to go back and slap him for ruining my name," said Tanaaz.

At first Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar gelled very well with Rohit but later they turned foe. "I am amazed to know what all he (Verma) said behind our backs. What is he? Who is he? He says he is a well-known fashion designer, but he should see what he's wearing. I'll be obliged to know another person who wears Rohit Verma creations other than Rohit himself," said Tanaaz.

"There is not one thing to like about him. What can I like about him?," she added. Tanaaz desires to go back to the show as a wildcard entry to put people in their places. "I am hopeful about re-entering the show through a wildcard entry so that I can teach them a lesson. They really need to be put in their places," she said.

Tanaaz is happy that she has returned to her son Zeus and at the same time hopes that Bakhtiyaar wins the show.