I probably don't want to be working when I'm married, Anushka Sharma

New mommy Anushka Sharma returned to work two months after giving birth to her first child, Vamika. As she returned to work, a past video of the actress is going viral in which she said that she probably doesn’t want to be working when she gets married.

The video is from Simi Garewal's popular talk show 'Simi Garewal Selects India's Most Desirable' in which Anushka revealed about her wedding plans work after her marriage.

In the video, Anushka can be heard saying, "I want to be married. I want to have kids. And, when I'm married I probably don't want to be working."  

When Anushka was pregnant, she said in an interview that she will return back to her work after she delivers her first child. "Being on the set brings me a lot of joy and I'm going to be shooting continuously for the next few days. I will be back shooting again once I deliver my first child and establish a system at home that ensures me to balance my child, my home and my professional life. I intend to keep working for as long as I live because acting truly makes me happy," said Anushka.

On January 11th, Anushka delivered her first child and named her Vamika.

Three weeks after the baby’s birth, Anushka and Virat shared a glimpse of the newborn and penned a heartfelt note, "We have lived together with love, presence and gratitude as a way of life but this little one , Vamika  has taken it to a whole new level !Tears , laughter , worry , bliss - emotions that have been experienced in a span of minutes sometimes ! Sleep is elusive  but our hearts are SO full Thanking you all for your wishes , prayers and good energy."