'I never perform at weddings and birthdays', John Abraham

John Abraham has set some strict rules for himself. He never dances in weddings, never attend award functions and won’t endorse alcohol and cigarattes no matter how hefty might he be offered. He has maintaining these strict rules from the beginning of his career. He refused to dance in a wedding of a Delhi based diamond trader. He was offered Rs 6 crores.

John said, “For me it will be unjust to tell the media where the offer came from but these kinds of offers have been coming to me ever since I started my film career. The only difference over the years has been that with the appearances, the money has gone up every year.”

Speaking about his reservations, the hunk said, “While lots of people tell me that I am stupid to lose so much money, I still refuse to do it. I never perform as a principle at weddings and birthdays. I don’t even go to award functions and I don’t endorse alcohol and cigarettes. There are a lot of don’ts that I have”.

John believes that performing at private weddings or birthdays is an individual choice.

 “I respect people who are doing it and it is a choice of an individual but this is my choice. How can I perform and dance at someone`s wedding when I don`t even know that person. I know people say that John is stupid, so be it,” he said.