I'm not a look alike of Aish: Sneha Ullal

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She is lucky as she looks like Aishwarya Rai though she denies it. " No body thought of it when I signed the film. Later, a photographer drew some profiles and revealed that I look like Aish. In one or two photos I may look like Aish, but I am not her look alike for sure." Interestingly, it is said that the story of this movie is based on the real love life of Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai. The director duo of Radhika- Vinay was looking for a face that looks like that of Aish, and they found it in Sneh. They liked her appearance but wanted to test her skill. She got through in the first audition test. So, the directors signed her. Sneh is very excited and waiting for her debut 'Lucky' to release on April 8th. Our team met and talked with her.

Excerpts of her interview:

What are you doing at present besides 'Lucky'?
I am a final year student of National College. I never thought of joining films. I think Salman told the director pair Radhika-Vinay about me. They liked my appearance to play the role of Lucky though they were not confident of my skill. So, they took my audition test. I became 'Lucky' in my first test.

How did you feel after getting the offer?
I felt lucky to get a title role opposite Salman.

Did you ever get some formal training in acting or dancing?
No, I have no formal training. In fact, Radhika and Vinay gave me the necessary training. Radhika was all praise for me, and said that I grasped and picked up lessons very quickly.

What's the story of 'Lucky'?
This is a classic love story that has been shot in Peterburghs, Russia. It was a difficult task, as we had to shoot the movie in minus eight temperature. The movie centers around the Russian girl Lucky.

What's your role in it?
I play a college going girl, who is a daughter of an official working in Indian embassy there. Salman is son of the Indian ambassador. We meet and then fall in love with each other. Soon the circumstances change and we get no time to meet each other.

How did you feel like working with Salman?
It was great. He supported me a lot. I had a memorable time with him. I wonder if I would get such an opportunity again in my life.

Is the movie based on the real Salman-Aish love story?
No, it's not based on the Aish-Salman love story. However, it falls in the category of romantic love stories of Salman Khan.

Who are the other members of the cast?
There are five actors of Bollywood. The rest of the cast belongs to Russia.

Who are the other Indian members of the Indian cast?
Mithun Chakravarty plays an important role. Vikram Gokhale plays Salman's father and Ravi Vaswani acts as Sneha's father. Kadar Khan appears as a guest.

Courtesy: Smashits