Kushal proposes Gauhar, says he wants to grow old with her

Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan’s love in the reality show Bigg Boss 7 is turning intense and spicy with every passing day. The duo seems to be very serious about each other and Kushal went ahead to propose love to Gauhar on national TV. While expressing his love for Gauhar, Kushal said that he loves her and wants to grow old with Gauhar. On hearing this, tears rolled on from Gauhar’s eyes.

Kushal’s feelings for Gauhar came out when Bigg Boss assigned a special task titled ‘Kisko Pyaar Karun’, whereby Ajaz and Kushal had to compete to win Gauhar's heart. The task had four rounds and the winner had to be declared by Gauhar. The winner of the task would able to go for a special date with Gauhar Khan. Andy is chosen as the moderator of the task. In the first round, the contestants had to sing a romantic song for Gauhar. In the second round, the two had to tell what they like about her.

Interestingly, Kushal Tandon announced that whether he wins or loses the task but he wants to tell before the whole world, family and friends inside and outside the house that he loves Gauhar and wants to grow old with her. On hearing Kushal, Gauhar as expected moved into tears. Ajaz quipped that he is happy with Gauhar’s decision and his happiness lies in her happiness. He added that whatever happens, he will continue to love Gauhar.

She tells Kushal, "Two people can meet on a reality show and fall in love. Everyone has been contemplating about our relationship, so I want to make it clear that I love you."

Both Kushal and Azaj were given to spend the last two minutes with Gauhar alone before she declares the result. On declaring the winner, Gauhar said that Ajaz is a genuine person and she is glad to know him but her heart beats for Kushal. Gauhar added that in every point of life, Kushal stood by her and so she has selected Kushal as the winner of the task.

 Ajaz makes fun of the entire thing and to normalize the issue for himself, he is heard singing sad songs. Jab dil hi toot gaya...anyone?