I love to play the underdog, Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar played a macho man in countless films and recently in BLUE and KAMBAKKHT ISHQ. Though, when he was approached by Sajid Khan to play a loser in his upcoming release Housefull ,Akshay Kumar was game for it. Wasn’t it challenging for a superstar to be actually playing a tangentially opposite role like this that breaks his image.

'On the contrary when it comes to playing a looser, I enjoy it more than any macho role I have had to play. Is it difficult? Oh certainly yes. But then talking about real life, we are all duffers underneath anyways” said Akshay Kumar

'We may put on some cool macho act to woo the ladies and be the dude of the room. However, all of us men would be losers if we were left to our own devices. That's the reason why I love to play the underdog. Not many men would allow themselves to be seen as an ugly unfortunate loser. In fact why just off the screen, even on the screen while enacting the character, they would avoid doing that. But then to me, there is nothing more real than playing an average Joe.” Akshay Kumar added.