I love calling Sushmita 'didi', says Kangana

At last Kangana Ranaut is out of her tragic role and got the opportunity to play a comic character in Anees Bazmi’s ‘No Problem’. What excites Kangana more is to play the role of Sushmita Sen's younger sister. The duo bonded quite well on the set and Kangana has a ball on the shooting. Playing comic role makes her feel more relax.

Sushmita who is known to share a good camaraderie with her co-stars treated Kangana as her younger sister and develop a special feeling for her as Kangana’s facial and curly hair resemblance to her daughter, Renee.

Kangana shares her experience on meeting Sush for the first time, "On the first day that we met, we struck a special chord in each other's hearts. I was standing at a premiere and she came up to me. She held my face in her hands and said I've hair exactly like her daughter and that whenever she saw me she was reminded of her daughter. From that moment onwards we bonded. Luckily, I play Sushmita's sister in the film that we're doing together. I love calling her didi".

Speaking about playing Sushmita’s sister, she quips, "I was really hurt when people said I was destined only to play tragic roles. I wanted to do comedy for the longest time. And that I've Sushmita playing my sister in the film is an added bonus. We'll have a ball playing sisters."