I'll present Abhishek like never before: Varma

I'll present Abhishek like never before: Varma
MUMBAI: After two failed attempts, Abhishek Bachchan and Ram Gopal Varma have finally teamed up for a film.

Abhishek had dropped out of Varma's "Company" and "Bhoot", and the roles went to Vivek Oberoi and Ajay Devgan instead.

But now...
...Varma's film "Naach" will feature Abhishek and Antara Mali in an unusual love story.

"Though the film is called 'Naach', it's got nothing to do with dancing," Varma told IANS.

"It all happened when I bumped into this guy named Kiran Reddy. He has just done a course in cinematography. He narrated a very unusual love story to me. Normally romantic films are done in a particular way with silken songs, eye-catching locales and costumes....
"'Naach' is exactly the opposite. It's set in a milieu that would remind audiences of 'Satya'. Through the Abhishek-Antara romance it will reveal the harsh side of Mumbai city.

"Everything, from the music to the location and performances, will redefine on-screen romance. See, one kind of musical is 'Chicago' or 'Moulin Rouge'. 'Naach' will be another kind of musical where the music won't make your hearts tap. The film will be designed as an audio-visual poem."

Varma says he had never heard anything like Kiran Reddy's narrative. "He has never directed a film. Since he's inexperienced I'll be on the sets throughout to assist him. His vision is so powerful, I want to learn from him.

"Every scene will be interpreted in a way never seen before. It won't be a simple cinematographer-director relationship on the sets between Kiran and me. The process will be far too complex to be categorised. Let's say I'll be the chief assistant director on Kiran's sets.

"I'll learn a lot from this experience. Again I'm trying something path-breaking."

Why the unusual pair of Abhishek and Antara?

"It's the way the characters are written. Abhishek and I missed the chance of working together earlier. But now it's finally going to happen.

"I haven't seen too many of his films. But when I saw 'Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon', I thought he was fantastic. There's a certain intensity in Abhishek's personality that hasn't been captured on screen yet. I'm going to present him in 'Naach' like never before."

Shooting for the film starts next month. Abhishek, who's currently in Chennai shooting for Boney Kapoor's "Run", sounds cautiously pleased.

"I've wanted to work with Varma for a long time. Now it's finally happening. I can't wait."