'I last dated cricketer Munaf Patel', Bobby Darling

Designer Bobby Darling who grabs the attention everywhere because of her neutral gender has recently hit the headlines for attending a gay party. She denied being a gay and claimed to be a girl. She lashes out the report of attending a gay party and said that it was a normal party and that she is a girl and last dated cricketer Munaf Patel.

Bobby said, “I was the celebrity attraction at the party, I didn`t know it was a gay party! Agar normal party hoti and if I were caught with a straight man, I would not deny it because I`m a girl. But I was called to this party on the pretext of being `the celebrity attraction`. I had no clue it was a gay party. I do not go to gay parties. I do support gays, but I have a soft corner for transgenders.

I am not gay. I am a girl and have always considered myself to be one. In fact, all my relationships have been with men. My last relationship was with cricketer Munaf Patel. The organiser of this party is a friend of mine. He is married and has a wife and two kids. I will not mention his name because he has not come out with his sexuality yet.”

She added, “I charge money for parties, yes. It is part of my profession. I usually go for parties where my name is used to attract people. But I would never go for a gay party. I am a girl, after all, and have always considered myself to be one. I was paid for this party too and I believe there were invites that were sent out. People must have come because my name was on the guestlist, but I was completely unaware that this is what I was getting into.”