I just wanted fuller lips, Aashka Goradia accepts getting a lip job done

Aashka Goradia has gone under the knife and she is open about getting a lip job done. The actress says it is very individual choice and she is not shy or sorry about her choices.

She was recently trolled for going under the knife but she walled her choice. The actor was quoted as saying, “My husband (Brent Goble) made me realise that there is nothing to hide. Yes, people will shame you but there is nothing to be ashamed of. I wanted to do something to my face, and that’s my choice. And I know that opening up sometimes is the only way to shut people up.”

Talking about beauty and beautification, Aashka says, "Make up has existed for over 7000 years and lipsticks for over 5000 years. Going back to humanity and the human race, we as people have always wanted to look better. There has to be demand in order to be supply. The thousands of beauty applications wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the demand. And so again if a girl chooses to get something done on her face, why do we call her 'plastic.' So many of my own contemporaries including myself have gone through articles in the media where we've been said to 'have gone under the knife,' become 'plastic,' etc. God forbid somebody has to go under the knife, do we even know what it is? We jump to conclusions without doing proper research and understanding the process itself."

"And sadly the ones doing this are females as our industry is dominated by female journalists. We've forgotten the power of the pen as we first upload before and after pictures calling someone plastic and then we ask the audience to leave comments below. This fear of how you will be labeled has made many women lie or hide what they've exactly done instead of being able to come out and say, 'Yes I want to look better so I tried something out," says the actress.

Speaking about herself, Aashka reveals, "I've been around for 16 years and I, of course, can not look the same. We are constantly aging and I wish I had a sob story to tell you but believe me there is none. I wanted fuller lips and hence I decided to go for them. But being asked about 'how much plastic went into my lips' at a press conference with 20 people around, is not the place I would like to speak about it and definitely not when the tone that the question came into me was so wrong! Yes, I decided to do something on my face and that's my choice. I am my own sculptor, I am my own painter!"