Mira is a lovely girl, I enjoy being with her: Shahid’s mom

Veteran actress Supriya Pathak is highly delighted to get a daughter-in-law like Mira Rajput. She said that Mira is a lovely girl and both of them bonds really well. Supriya Pathak said that she is enjoying playing the role of an ‘off-screen’ mother-in-law.

Speaking about her relationship with Mira Rajput, Supriya said that that she doesn't understand the concept of 'daughter-in-law' and that she is really happy with Mira.

"I am very happy as a mother-in-law. I have a lovely daughter-in-law. Honestly, I don't understand this concept of daughter-in-law. For me, she is my daughter as well as her own mother's daughter. She is a wonderful girl so, I really enjoy being with her," Supriya told media.

Currently, Supriya Pathak is busy promoting her upcoming television show 'Jane Kya Hoga Rama Re!' in which she is playing the role of Rambhateri Devi.

Shahid and Mira married on July 7 in a private ceremony in Delh, followed by a grand reception in Mumbai. Post marriage Shahid said that he is in a happy space and enjoying his married life. He said that he is happy going back home to a normal person after work. The ‘Haider’ actor surprised one and all when he announced marriage with a girl who has no relation with the glamour world.