I go for dialysis thrice a week, Anupam Shyam on health update

Noted Bollywood and television actor Anupam Shyam is back to work after health upset. He is working on the sequel of ‘Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2’ but still struggling with his health.  Last year, Anupam Shyam was admitted to Goregaon, hospital for kidney issues. By God’s grace, he recovered and got back to action. However, the actor has not completely recovered and still undergoing dialysis thrice a week.

Talking to SpotboyE.com exclusively about his health Anupam Shyam said, "Health upar neeche rehti hai but I am much better than before. My dialysis is still on and I have to go for it thrice a week. So, I complete my work and go to the hospital in the evening. The production team cooperates with me completely. Hence I don't find it hectic." 

He added, "Life has ups and downs but we have to keep going on and I am also doing the same." 

The veteran actor opened up what pushed him to take up his role again, "When I got to know that they wanted me to play Sajjan Singh again, I couldn't say no. People love Sajjan Singh and I love Sajjan Singh equally. I feel nobody else can do this role except me."

When Anupam was admitted to hospital in July last year, his brother Anurag Shyam Ojha seek financial help for his treatment and actors like Manoj Bajpayee and Sonu Sood had come to his rescue.