I get roles on my own merit: Arbaaz

Arbaaz KhanHe is the brother of a Bollywood star. But Arbaaz Khan, who has Salman Khan as a sibling, takes pride in getting roles on his own merit.
"I am offered the roles, not because I am recommended, but because the director and producer feel I suit that character," Arbaaz said in...
...an interview.

In his upcoming film "Garv", he co-stars with Salman. Arbaaz also said he would love to star in more comedies. Excerpts:

Q: Did it help to have your brother play the protagonist in 'Garv'?

A: I don't think so. Obviously, there are advantages of having your brother as the atmosphere becomes congenial and comfortable automatically, but there is no misuse or leeway.

Ultimately, it's the film and the script that stand out and are given importance. If the director feels that a scene has to go, it goes, never mind if it has the star's brother in it. I am offered the roles, not because I am recommended, but because the director and producer feel I suit that character. Our work and the way we do it is very professional that way.

Q: With so many big names getting into cop roles of late, from Amitabh to Akshay Kumar, and now Salman, was it difficult preparing for a policeman's role?

A: This is where I think a writer-director becomes important. This is where he makes a distinct difference between the roles that have been done and what my personality is, and how I suit the character in a film.

Q: The best and the worst comments you got?

A: People normally don't say the worst comments straight on one's face, although they do prefer to be honest.

For the best comment, Ill tell you about an incident in Ooty. One of the dancer boys came up to me and requested some of my time when I returned to Mumbai as his mom wanted to meet me. I agreed and noticed that his eyes were moist.

On asking him why, he said, "My mother wants to meet you because the character you played in 'Darrar' was exactly like my father." She was amazed and moved by the resemblance and mannerisms of my character in the film and wanted to meet me! I met the old couple in Mumbai. Comments like that are better and far more satisfying than any award that an actor can get.

Q: What do you prefer, comedy or serious roles?

A: I want to do comedies. It's not an easy job to do in terms of the performance and timing. But serious roles are the ones that I can sink into easily because of my image.

I would love to do comedy but it has to be a director who understands comedy, so he can get a good performance out of me just like Puneet has done in this movie.

Q: How do you feel before the release of 'Garv'? Nervous, excited?

A: In my short career I have come to the conclusion that I won't get too excited about a film. What happens after a release doesn't always go the way you think it will. The best thing is to work hard and hope for the best.

Q: Your forthcoming films?

A: There's "Wajeh", which is a Sabe TV film and directed by Gautum Adhikari, "Tajmahal", "Alibaba Aur Chalees Chor" and "Hulchul", which is a Priyadarshan film.