"I don't think Audience wants to see a 'Skinny' Girl": Pooja Misrra

After a long time we caught up with the 'Spare Me' girl Pooja Misrra at the recent Color's Screen Awards 2013 where Ms Misrra was dressed up in her black and nude Lace-Outfit and looked a little over-weight. But the actress doesn't seemed to be worried about it.  According to Pooja, Models or Actresses with Zero Figure is not the 'In' thing with Aam Janta.

"Models are skinny and i don't think our Indian Audience can relate to 'Zero Figures' and Skinny Babes. I have noticed that in the Indian Film industry you have to have a little weight on you, Also more importantly, My producer told me to put on some weight for my upcoming film 'Hum Baaja Bajaa Dengey' in which i do a spicy Item Number which is releasing in March." Said the outspoken Pooja Misrra.

Apart from Hum Baaja Bajaa Dengey, Pooja is also doing the most 'In-News' film 'The City That Never Sleeps', In which she claims to break the Guiness Book of World Records. The makers are also planning to take the film in Cannes Film Festival once it get's completed informed Pooja.