I don't think I am hot! - Kajol Devgan

Kajol DevganTry convincing the talented actor otherwise but she is stone sure! “See, it is not an attempt to pull myself down or fish for praises. But I just don't see myself as this hot babe to hit town! Nah. That's just not me!” the bong beauty sparks.
Weight 'n' Watch!

“I wanted to badly knock off that excess baggage!”

But she can't take away credit from the slim, svelte Kajol that she has offered her fans. The fat is gone, the hair is new and there is a whole new shine to her. “Well, thank you. Know what, if there ever was something that I badly wanted, it was to lose weight. Even getting great roles was secondary,” she laughs. Looking at our bemused faces, she smiles and continues, “Really, I used to watch my cousins all thin and reedy and go green. Here I was fat and stubby struggling to squeeze into anti fits while the girls would flaunt their handspan waist!” Kadz mocks.

But she didn't bother shedding that puppy fat while acting, did she? “No, of course not! Why else do you think I looked like a frump?” she asks sarcastically. “To start with, burning calories requires time, patience & energy. While shuttling between studios I had time for none of those” she says in the most nonchalant manner ever. “Besides I was & still am a bit too lazy!” she smiles.

“Black is my passport to looking thin!”

Black is a mantra that has served me well in my rolly-polly avatar. You'll never see me in any other colors. At best I may slip into a beige or brown but that's about it. Black is my passport to looking thin! It cuts on the love handles and irons out the flab. I am almost indebted to black for having me look presentable” she gives one of those full-throated laughs. But since that's not the case anymore, does she flirt with colors in a more forthcoming fashion? “Nah, it will still be some time before I feel fit & raring to go! Only then will the colors make their appearance out of the closet,” the Bengal actor says lividly.

Hair horror!
“The idea of sticking chemicals to my hair freaks me out!”

Her hair has come in for a lot of compliments too. “Well, that's right I have gone in for a new haircut after a long season” she smiles, her soft brown eyes lighting up. “You think it suits me?” she asks running her fingers through her tresses. 'The crop is chic & refreshing', we tell her. “I don't like fiddling with my hair. I just like it to be. The idea of sticking chemicals to my hair freaks me out totally!

“Most actresses have turned blonde or brunette!”

But most actresses from her bracket are turning blonde or brunette, we kid. “I swear,” she laughs. “But the idea of using colors that are all synthetic & chemical based repulses me. Manish Malhotra tried convincing me a whole 48 hours to get some highlights done, but the ziddi me, didn't budge! Poor Manish, I always have my way with him” she guffaws.

“I so hate purple! Hope Nysa dislikes it too!”

“…but for once when he got me to wear a purple salwar suit in Hamesha, which he till date insists is icy blue” she laughs. “And how can I forget the purple sari that he forced me into for 'Tujhe dekha toh…' in DDLJ. I'll never forgive him for that” she sparks. So is she against sari's? “Not really, what I am against is the color purple. I so hate it.,” she says, cringing her nose. What if Nysa has a fetish for it? “Then there is little I can do. But hope she dislikes it too. Or else I may have to just have to give her away!” We are in splits. “Coming to saris, I don't like prints. Keep it simple & minimalistic, only then can you get me into them” she says upfront.

“I am a costume designer's nightmare!”

You are a stylist's nightmare, we tease her. “You bet!” she says sportingly. “See, the problem is that I dislike costuming! The more natural and the more simple it is, the happier I am. I hate the makeup, hair, costume sessions. It bugs me to death!” A person who detests the greasepaint, when was the last time you like yourself on screen, we quiz. “Baazigar!” she bursts out laughing. Kajol…”Okay, seriously speaking, I liked myself in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I loved the saris that Manish gave me. They were simple, light and made me look thin!” she says with a glint in her eye. What about K3G, she looked like fabulous in Suraj Hua Madham “No ways! I had to carry chunks of jewelery around. Felt like killing Manish for it!” she scowls.

“I think I am still the best!”

And now for the most important question, will we see more of Kajol? She receives the question with a casual air, “Well, I hope so too. Right now I am doing a film for Yash Raj with Aamir. But was it only baby care that kept her away from the camera? “Hey, don't brush it away that easy. Being a mom is a 24x7 job,” Kadz says caustically. Besides which, no roles in the recent past excited me as much. Give me good roles and I will be around” she simplifies the equation. 'She was the best actress…' she butts in before I have my say, “Was?” she mocks us. “Hey, there is no past tense to me. I think I am still the very best!”

Some things can't be debated…

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