I don't miss John, says Bipasha Basu

Girls would feel jealous of Bipasha Basu when they used to see Bips on John’s arm. They were an example of perfect couple for eight long years but some mishap happened between the two and John and Bips called off their relationship. But they were bold enough to accept the unpleasant happening in their life and moved on.

John got busy to firm his foot in Bollywood while on the other hand Bipasha Basu got busy with her movies and side by side involved in making new friends. She said in an interview that she no longer miss John and has moved on in life.

"Nobody plans a break up or any negative thing in your life, when it happens you deal with it, life is such that it teaches you, it heals you and you move on. I don't miss John," Bipasha said on Zoom's "Superstar Weekends" show.

They starred in films like Mahesh Bhatt's "Jism", "Madhoshi" and "Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal".