I did not take the crown from her, Miss Universe to Miss Columbia

The biggest blunder took place at the platform of the biggest beauty contest show, Miss Universe. At the live show, host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced the name of Miss Columbia as this year Miss Universe winner which was a biggest blunder. Later, he seek apology for his mistake to both Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines. Later, the crown was taken off from Miss Columbia and it was put on the head of Miss Philippines.

The crown was removed from Miss Columbia’s head and placed on the head of the winner Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines.

Other contestants rushed to console Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo and a highly ashamed Harvey apologized before the live audience and reporters at the backstage and later took to Twitter to say sorry for the biggest mistake he has made.

Host Steve Harvey, who announced the wrong name from the cue card apologized to both the beauty in a series of tweets:

#“I feel horrible for this young woman,” he said.

#I'd like to apologize wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia & Miss Philippines for my huge mistake. I feel terrible.

#Secondly, I'd like to apologize to the viewers at that I disappointed as well. Again it was an honest mistake.

#I don't want to take away from this amazing night and pageant. As well as the wonderful contestants. They were all amazing.

Harvey said it was his mistake for not reading out the name of the winners correctly.

He held up the card for Fox network cameras to see up close. Talking with reporters afterwards, Harvey and an executive for pageant owner WME-IMG called it human error.

“Nobody feels worse about this than me,” he said.

Miss Columbia was consoled by other contestants but she was just inconsolable. Wurtzbach said that she tried to approach Gutierrez onstage afterwards, but the Colombian was crying and surrounded by a crowd of women. She said she realised it was “probably bad timing”.

“I did not take the crown from her,” Wurtzbach told reporters after the pageant concluded, saying she wished the contestant from Colombia well and hoped the Latin American community understands that “none of this was my fault”.

Harveytook to Twitter to say: “I’d like to apologise wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia & Miss Philippines for my huge mistake. I feel terrible.”

Donald Trump, who used to own the rights to Miss Universe, tweeted that “this never would have happened” under his watch.

He softened his tone later, calling Harvey a “great guy” who handled it well.