I can wait all my life for Deepika, says Ranveer Singh

During a promotional event of ‘Bajirao Mastani’ yesterday in Pune, Ranveer Singh said that he can wait a lifetime for Deepika, his rumoured girlfriend. "She is so beautiful that I would wait all my life for her," Ranveer said.

The situation was created in this way. Ranveer and Deepika arrived at the venue very late due to bad weather and the media and the audience had to wait a long for their favourite stars. When the duo arrived, Deepika took the mic and apologized for the delay. Then Ranveer took the mic and said that they were sorry for the delay, he then immediately cracked a joke and  further quipped that when you have to wait for a beautiful lady like Deepika, it is worth it and that he is ready to wait forever for Deepika.

When Deepika was asked whether she too would be willing to wait for a lifetime for him, Deepika says, "What? You have to ask him in what context he said that. Wait at a restaurant... or..." The 30-year-old actor said it was just a joke before adding, "It was one of those random, smart, wisecracks which I cracked by saying 'she is so beautiful that I will wait all my life for her'. You guys waited since morning for us. So if you ask me I would say she is so gorgeous that I would wait for her all my life."

At this point, Deepika interrupted saying, "I don't understand English at this point."

Deepika, who has earlier worked with Ranveer in ‘Ram Leela’ is again teaming up with Deepika  for ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and she says that she has not seen any change in him as a person.

"As a person I think he is the same... same energy and same enthusiasm, same protectiveness and same warmth. As a person he has not changed," the 29-year-old actress said. However, she feels that as an actor Ranveer has grown a lot.

"As an actor he has grown tremendously after Band Baaja Baarat. Ram Leela was a defining point in his career. He can do a film like Band Baaja Baarat, Lootera, Ram Leela, Dil DhadakaneDo, he plays different kind of characters convincingly on screen," she said.