I am willing to do frontal nudity, Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor wooed young girls when he has done the towel act in his debut movie, Sanjay Leela Bahnsali’s ‘Saawariya’.  His butt show dragged many audiences to the theatre and professional Ranbir is ready to bare it again on-screen if his director wants him to do. He has no qualms to do frontal nudity. He is not a camera shy and he showed his prowess when he partially showed his butt in his debut movie.

Ranbir claims to be shameless in front of camera and he is willing to do frontal nudity.

Talking to a leading daily, Ranbir said that he's very shameless in front of the camera. "I am even willing to do frontal nudity if the director wants me to," he said.

The Kapoor lad said that he was not ashamed when he was partial naked on the set of ‘Sawaariya’ and moved around on the set. "I was butt naked in front of strangers on the set and I wasn't ashamed of myself. People started relating to me and perhaps came to theatres because of that scene," Kapoor told the daily.

Ranbir will be next seen in Ayan Mukherjee's 'Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani' opposite his ex-flame Deepika Padukone. We believe in Ranbir's word that he can go full nude if the script demands as he has already showed his boldness in his debut movie.

Is any filmmaker listening to Ranbir?